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This section is about data protection & my privacy policy. You can browse through my website without the need to provide any personal data, however if you are looking to commission me for any photography services, then the processing of personal data will become necessary.

So let me tell you a bit about my privacy policy and how I am GDPR compliant.


This policy sets out how and why I collect any of your personal information, how it is processed and most importantly how it is kept secure. By using this website or commissioning me for any photographic services, you are agreeing to this privacy policy.

Any and all personal data captured will be in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the data protection law and regulations in Cyprus.


Celine Moniot Photography is the sole controller of data that passes through this website and/or via email. This data is kept private between me and the few other carefully selected data processors, which I have set out below.


When prospective clients get in touch via my website to enquire about my services, I capture their names, phone numbers and email address to respond to the enquiry.

I never capture or hold credit or debit card numbers.

Once your event or session has passed, I take and store photographs from your event and/or session on password protected hard drives and external back-up drives, in order to provide the photographic services that you have hired me for. I use a password manager to better safeguard your data. 

I keep your photographs for 12 months on the hard disks in order to provide copies should you ever lose your photographs. This service is provided as a legitimate interest.

If you would like me to remove your photographs from my hard disks and backups after I have delivered your full gallery, I will do so, if you send me an email confirming your request.

I also collect a small amount of personal details about you, your event party and the other event suppliers at your event, which may be names, phone numbers, email addresses and social media links.

I may also post photos from your event or family session in a variety of places (on my website, social media or to your other event suppliers), which is done for legitimate interest (to promote my photography services and grow my photography business). However, when it comes to your image display under the GDPR regulations, you have the right to request the following:

-        anonymised accompanying text;

-        accompanying text to use initials of names only;

-        online photograph samples showing unidentifiable images only;

-        online photograph samples showing non-people images (details only);

-        no online images to be shared;

-        any identifiable and commissioned images be erased from online sources at any future point in time; or

-        to withdraw your consent at any time.

Please rest assured that any image data will be used appropriately and with your consent. Also, in accordance with the GDPR regulations, I never share or post any photos of christenings or family sessions without prior written parental approval.


In addition to my own data, I also use a variety of data processors to provide the services you commissioned, including the following:

-        online calendar and online drive to store information relating to your event or session;

-        online analytical service provider to assist me with making my website more effective;

-        online tools for scheduling social media posts;

-        online photo delivery tool; and

-        online and local printing service that I use for digital albums, enlargement and photos printing.

All my data processors are carefully chosen, they all operate in the EU and are GDPR compliant.


Like many other websites, Celine Moniot Photography uses website cookies, which store information on your computer and allow me to improve my website in a variety of ways, through the use of aggregated data.

You can switch off cookies by setting your browser preferences at any time, but in some cases, this may result in a loss of functionality when you use my website.


Your security and data protection is very important to me and I take all reasonable steps to ensure that my suppliers and I hold and process your data securely. This includes ensuring my site and the third party data processors above use SSL and that data is encrypted where possible.


I keep up to date with changes in legislation, and I will therefore keep this Privacy Policy under regular review.


This Privacy Policy was last updated in May 2018.

If you are concerned about any information I hold about you, please get in touch, phone, write or email me directly. I will comply with any legal and ethical request.

Post: Celine Moniot Photography, 5 Vasilissis Frederikis, 1035 Nicosia, Cyprus

Email: hello@celinemoniotphotography.com

Phone: +357 99721178