A Little Bit About Me


I am a French photographer based in Cyprus specialising in family, kids and events photography. My philosophy is to shoot in an unobstructive manner, be a fly on the wall, to capture fleeting moments and genuine emotions.

I am fascinated by people and their emotions – a smile, an embrace, a kiss, a cry or a surprise – and since becoming a mother, my work tends to focus more on the world of little ones and their family. I just love kids' energy, their innocence, their endless curiosity and how they bring the best out of their parents.

My daughter is my muse and she gave me the courage to leave a career in law to pursue an old dream - to become a memory keeper.

Nostalgic at heart, I love to capture candid photos that tell a story, that transport you back to That Moment - that “hundredth of second snatched from eternity” to use Robert Doisneau’s words - photos that look and feel like you.

I shoot with my heart to bring honest real emotion in every photograph I take.

The memory of these moments is the most precious I possess. Perhaps because of their scarcity. One hundredth of a second here, one hundredth of a second there put end-to-end, it is never more than one, two, three seconds snatched from eternity
— Robert Doisneau